About our Volunteers Inspiration from our 2016 volunteers


Mbuyiselo Yanta

Mbuyiselo YantaMbuyi studied Computer Science in Pretoria, however he didn't get funding for the second year of his studies. While studying Mbuyi was living in Johannesburg and waking up at 03:00 to travel to class in Pretoria and then traveling back home in the evening. This negatively affected his ability to manage his assignments and class work, and ultimately led to him dropping out.

Mbuyi says that YearBeyond has changed his life. He realises now that Computer Science is not his passion, and that he would like to study politics and philosophy, he sees himself as a change maker.

Mbuyi says that now he feels more positive about his future, and that he has developed and matured as a person.

Mbuyi lives in Khayelitsha and volunteers at ID Mkhize in Gugulethu  

Refilwehape Mofekeng

RefilwehapeRefilwe studied Journalism at UWC but after completing her first year she no longer had the financial support needed to continue studying and dropped out of university. After some soul searching she discovered her passion for social work and returned to university on a bursary. With the new studies she faced personal struggles and health challenges, and once again she had to leave university.

Refilwe joined YearBeyond after a long year of living with health challenges. She says though that her time in YearBeyond has taken her from a place of disempowerment to empowerment. She now recognises her strengths and is recommitted to studying social work in the future.

Refilewe lives in Phillippi and volunteers at Intlanganiso in Khayelitsha  

Sesethu Ludziya

Sesethu LudziyaSesethu always wanted to be a teacher, but she felt that she did not have what it takes to get herself into the profession.

She heard about YearBeyond from a friend and decided to make sure that she got into the programme; as a stepping stone to follow her dreams.

Being in Year Beyond has been challenging, says Sesethu but it has taught her to be friendlier and how to work in a team. Because of YearBeyond she now believes in herself enough to share her opinion and pursue a career that makes her happy.

Sesethu lives in Strand and volunteers at Gugulethu Comprehensive in Gugulethu  

Sethu Ngqiva

Sethu NgqivaSethu started her career working in a call centre and realised very soon that she was unhappy. One day when she was talking to a client she realized that she had to leave. She knew that she wanted to give back something to the world and do more with her life.

Through being in the YearBeyond programme Sethus says she has developed more self-confidence, and learnt to be present and engaged with every situation that she comes across.

She is more aware of the world around her, and has realised her passion for working with youth, a career path that she would like to pursue.

Sethu lives in Khayelitsha and volunteers at Manyano High School in Manenberg.  

Shameera Rakiep

shameera RakiepShameera is originally from Klerksdorp in the North West province and moved around a lot during her childhood. This she says made her always feel out of place.

Before joining YearBeyond she spent 2015 redoing her matric and volunteering in a school in Fairmont. There she helped any teachers who needed assistance with their classes.

Shameera wants to study IT and has already enrolled with an organisation called Code X for next year. She says this link was made through being part of YearBeyond.

She feels that being part of the programme has helped her self-confidence and kept her out of trouble!

Shameera lives in Fairways, Grassy Park and volunteers at Phoenix High School in Manenberg.  

Brandon Foster

Brandon FosterBefore joining YearBeyond Brandon was unemployed and at a loss about what to do with his life. He had worked at Debonairs selling pizza and had also studied marketing management but had failed and then dropped out.

Brandon joined YearBeyond because in his heart he wanted to give back to society. He says that being part of the programme has helped him realise what he wants to do with his life, which is work with young people.

Brandon lives in Heideveld and is a volunteer at Masipumelele Primary in Khayelitsha.  

Sanele Makatesi

Sanele MakatesiBefore joining YearBeyond Sanele was studying political science at the University of the Western Cape. He had completed two years of his studies when he saw YearBeyond advertised. He decided that it would be a good investment in his future in politics to participate in a programme of this nature and gain experience in the education sector. He aims to continue his studies in the future.

Sanele is a very passionate and driven individual who has volunteered in the past, an activist at heart he also started his own youth organization.

He feels that this programme has taught him the value of listening to people. He says now he is less stubborn. He has learnt the importance of having the attitude of a learner and continually asking questions.

Sanele lives in Khayelitsha and is a volunteer at Ikwezi Primary in Khayelitsha.