Volunteer Development Programme Investing in young professionals


Volunteering with YearBeyond is a full-time, five day a week commitment, and volunteers are busy from 9am to 6pm every day.

They complete their self-development programme in the mornings, and are transported to their school in the afternoon to run the after-school education support and learner development programme.



The Yebo volunteer leadership and development programme has three core pillars


Leadership Qualification

A leadership qualification offered in partnership with the Frederick Van Zyl Slabbert Institute at Stellenbosch University. This currently consist of three short courses namely: Leading from the Inside Out, Managing and Leading in a Complex Environment, and Leading with Purpose. It is hoped that over time this will be upgraded into a full diploma course.


Innovation Challenge

An Innovation Challenge facilitated by Ernst & Young. The Challenge prepares volunteers for employment by equipping them with various skills: critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving, programme design, pitching and marketing etc. Volunteers gain these skills through a series of activities designed to answer the question: How do we inspire a culture of learning and stop school dropouts? The Challenge is judged by a prestigious panel of political and industry leaders, chaired by Premier Helen Zille.



Self Development Sessions

Weekly self-development sessions facilitated by AVA and a variety of external expert partners. Sessions cover topics like: financial fitness, first aid, trauma counselling, meditation, and art. Sessions can also be in the form of excursions to sites in Cape Town that celebrate the city’s natural and cultural beauty.

Inspiring Excellence

YearBeyond aims to inspire excellence in our learners, and we cannot do so without expecting and supporting excellence in our volunteers. We hope that through investing in these young professionals and leaders they end the year ready to step into the world of tertiary education or employment with confidence. We also hope they are ready to continue their investment in their community's and country's development.

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What our volunteers think about YearBeyond

  • "I realised that I'm not just a part of an academic support programme, but something much bigger. This was an opportunity for me to have a positive impact on someone's life."

    YearBeyond Volunteer

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  • “I realised that I’m not just a part of an academic support programme, but something much bigger. This was an opportunity for me to have a positive impact on someone’s life.”

    YearBeyond Volunteer

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