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YearBeyond is a large-scale partnership between provincial government departments, schools, and a number of non-profit organisations and private enterprises.

Action Volunteers Africa (AVA) is the primary implementing agent and is responsible for contracting all volunteers and additional partner organisations.


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Western Cape Government


The Western Cape Government believes that after school programmes play an important role in the development of young people. The Province has over the last three years built up after school offerings in almost 200 schools. This programme, called the Mass Opportunity and Development (MOD) programme is run by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS). These centres offer learners sports and cultural activities every afternoon. The YearBeyond programme introduces a new academic pillar to these programmes.

Currently fully funded by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport, and offered in 16 schools, the plan is to be gradually expanded to more learners in the Western Cape through partnerships. The Department of Social Development provides a snack to learners in the after-school programme. YearBeyond is steered by an interdepartmental team, led by the Department of the Premier and supported by the Departments of Education, Social Development and Community Safety.

For more information: www.westerncape.gov.za


Project Team


Action Volunteers Africa

Action Volunteers Africa (AVA) encourages young South Africans to become vibrant involved citizens who take responsibility for their own development. It was established to provide a bridge for young unemployed South Africa's into the world of work through volunteering. The AVA theory of change supposes that if unemployed youth are orientated, trained, placed in specifically created full-time volunteering postings and supported and encouraged to participate for an extended period: 6 months - 1 year, their increased navigational capacity will enable them to connect to a progressive opportunity. AVA is the implementing agent for Year Beyond and manages all the other partners.

For more information: www.avafrica.org.za




IkamvaYouth enables disadvantaged youth to pull themselves and each other out of poverty through education. IkamvaYouth is a by-youth-for-youth South African organisation that equips learners with knowledge, skills, networks and resources to access tertiary education and/or employment opportunities once they matriculate. Learners in Grades 8-12 participate in after-school tutoring, career guidance and mentoring provided by volunteers. In 2014, IkamvaYouth learners attained an overall 84% pass rate (including supplementary results), with 85% eligible for tertiary institutions (50% bachelor and 34% diploma). Of the class of 2014, 85% are in education, employment or training (not NEETs).

For more information: Visit www.ikamvayouth.org or watch a 3-minute animation outlining the model and its impact. 




Shine aims to create a nation of readers by providing English literacy support to grade 1-3 learners in primary schools. It places trained volunteers to sit with a few children for an hour, twice a week, to grow their love of books and reading. It has been operating for more than 10 years dramatically improving literacy rates of children by up to 40%. It is the Year Beyond primary school partner. 

For more information: Visit www.shineliteracy.org.za or email info@shineliteracy.org.za



Stellenbosch University: Frederick Van Zyl Slabbert Institute (FVZSI)

The FVSI for student leadership was launched in March 2011 as one of the HOPE projects of Stellenbosch University. It trains young people in leadership, communication, conceptual and management skills. As part of this training it offers accredited short courses.

FVZSI is the Year Beyond academic partner and runs and accredits the volunteer leadership programme.
For more information: http://www0.sun.ac.za/fvzs
  • "The programme has been amazing, especially seeing how dedicated the learners are - coming to the programme every day; being so eager to learn. Itís been an invaluable journey and made me rethink my future."

    YearBeyond Volunteer

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High School Technology Assisted Partners



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Olico Youth

OLICO Youth is an academic support programme for township school youth helping individuals and their families escape poverty through education. OLICO uses technology and targeted facilitation to bridge gaps in learner achievement in numeracy & literacy. As part of this it provides technology-based mathematics solutions for learners.

For more information: www.olico.org




The FunDza Literacy Trust is a non-profit organisation dedicated towards growing educated, engaged and empowered young South Africans. FunDza achieves this by disseminating exciting, relevant and authentically South African reading material, designed to get young people hooked on reading. In addition, FunDza leverages the powerful reach of mobile technology and the internet to connect and interact with readers. It will provide English literacy support in the high schools.

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EH6OZlhC68



GOLD Peer Education

Susannah Farr (gold CEO) founded a community-based NGO in 2000. Its primary aim was to test the theory of youth peer education where positive peer pressure is structured to bring about sustained community change through an 'each one reach one' approach. Today gold Youth is a dynamic non-profit organisation contributing towards measurable outcomes in education, social behaviour change and job creation amongst grassroots youth across priority communities in Southern Africa. gold Youth is served by an International Head Office team based in Cape Town, with supporting field operations and partners across selected provinces in South Africa, Zambia and Botswana with groundwork conducted into Zimbabwe.

For more information: www.goldyouth.org

Primary School Technology Assisted Partners


The Click Foundation: Reading Eggs

The Click Foundation is the primary school English technology assisted learning partner with its online English programme Reading Eggs. The programme aims to assist learners in achieve English literacy proficiency at an age appropriate level by offering a phonetics based online literacy programme. The fun interactive learning programme supports acquisition of foundation phase literacy skills and can back-fill gaps. The programme provides visual and auditory instruction (reading games, activities, songs, animation, rewards) through individualised (1:1) and self-paced learning with a built in reward system.

For more information: http://vimeo.com/77216392



Green Shoots

Green Shoots is committed to providing growth in education both within schools and within after-school environments. Technology assisted learning is one of the tools used by Green Shoots. Maths@Home is an online Maths programme which is structured according to the CAPS Curriculum. It allows primary school learners to practice Maths content, engage with different maths topics and receive real-time feedback on progress. It will support the primary schools with maths online learning.

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2p7vZpLr6Y




iSchoolAfrica is an educational initiative developed by Core Group. It will bring to schools the iPad Learning Programme and the Youth Press Team Programme. Through exposure to interactive apps preloaded on iPads primary school students will be motivated, engaged and supported to learn independently, leading to enhanced performance in the classroom.

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ki86e0t6DcM&feature=player_embedded https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2okG0tWphI


social project

Social Project

The Social Project was founded in March 2015, and is a non-profit company with the ambition of eradicating extreme poverty in South Africa, and working towards eliminating the massive income inequality that exists here. It is registered in South Africa as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), which allows us to issue Section 18a tax certificates for donations of cash or in kind. The Social Project operates iLearning Centres supported by the Social Drinks project which assists in generating awareness and income.

For more information: www.socialproject.co.za



Number Sense

A strong sense of number is at the heart of being able to do mathematics. Number Sense is developed in the early years of schooling. The NumberSense Workbook Series has been developed to provide independent written activities for children. The series can be used by teachers working with small groups of children at a time to keep the other children productively engaged as well as in whole class settings.

For more information: www.numbersense.co.za

Club Partners



In high schools iSchools will support Youth Press Teams and give them an opportunity to voice their opinions using iPads to make videos and help change lives.

About the Programme

  • "The programme has been amazing, especially seeing how dedicated the learners are - coming to the programme every day; being so eager to learn. It's been an invaluable journey and made me rethink my future."

    YearBeyond Volunteer

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